SeLf Confidence.New ExperieNce

salam sejahtera and very good morning to every one..
today i would like to share with u guyz about the topic that I had mention above.
You must feel very weird today..why I speaking for todays post..
This is because..

yesterday I have my presentation In front of the lecturers with my friends which include 6 lecturers by which 2 of them are hold position as a Doctor and the other 2 are Professor..

For the FIRST time in my life,
I had been asked about 1 Hour Session for my presentation,
Do you know what I feel that moment..??
Ya Allah that only know what my feeling that time..

Why I'm nervous?
there are several answer for this kind of question..

1. i'm just TRULY NERVOUS(its normal ok)
2. WOory too much that I can't handle to present my research
3. Not enough Sleep
4. I'm let go about discussion with my partner
5. less read about the research

that are the answer..

during Question and Answer session,
ok! i admit that I look Like %$#%$#$#%#%$#$%#
because there are several answer that is very basic and..I can't answer it..
I just feel that "where is the knowledge that I had learned for the whole 4 years?"
O ya Allah,
There are so much question being asked and there are so much information that I had miss to show to them so that's why they asked the Question..oh dear farhana..
I just thinking what is their opinion about the student from MALAYSIA after this presentation..

what a feeling..I don't like it..


if we see the positive site of it,
this is where the stage you must go on to the final stage..
what do you think its just enough when you do the research and just go back like that?
Please remind that You are represent ur COUNTRY..
you are not here because your like to or just having fun, but you are here to give your best effort and sharing new knowledge and experience from a new country.
you are not like a baby anymore,
which you want to eat, mom will give u eat afterwards. its not like that anymore!
You are now adult ok!
you have to think maturely and try to be independent!
you have to think on your own..
you must do what in order to survive..
no need a person to tell you what you have to do,but you can do what u want to do and try to ask them about their opinion what you have done,
its ok that you have done thing wrongly, it just a process of life,
people learn things from experience,they will success after they wrong at the first place coz they will not do what they had mistake before.

ops..that me in my own world..
i'm sorry to make u all read what i think..
but its true then right?

Just Some word to increase my spirit back ..hee
it is ok rite?
if u have some spiritual word..please do let me know becoz I love Spiritual Word =)

Here I just want to say that, after presentation yesterday,
I found out that my self confidence is very low,
due to low knowledge that I had,
and the basic knowledge for student of FOOD Science and technology must know,
i admitted that what i had learn so far is just for the sake of exam.I think.

but, it is nice experience though,
i've learned so much here,
as Pak Eko which the head of department of food Science and technology have told us that,
if here, you must really prepared when u want to present,
u have to defend and stand on your own answer and also Should know the general principles not only about your research but also the basic2 term that you had learn all in 4 years..

yep that's the true things exactly..that we should know..theoretically..

that's it for today just want to spread all the difficulty and hardship that i had to let them go by peace and I don't really want they stayed long in my liver because my liver will sick of it..hahaha

this is where I'm sharing my experience nowdays...hehehe
it's up to you if you want to read again or not after this..but u already read until the end though for this topic..


that's all from me..
cannot joke2 here when i use english language, but I'll try to improve my english skill,that's the main purpose when i post this in english language..

I had read one of the ayah in Quran which Allah had said that,briefly means, Allah will no change the destiny of one population unless the population itself change the destiny by themselves.

therefore, if you want to change or to increase your self confidence,
you need to built own your own and not to depend on the others unless asking for their opinion..

that's it for today=)
I'll try to be hardworking person today and afterward..


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