The Past and Now

" No matter how much you revisit the PAST, there's nothing new to see"

This quotes makes me think twice.not once, but twice.

Yep, think of the past is just my habit or more likely to say a hobby.

It doesn't make you bored, because you remember back the scene or event one by one and clearly reflect back what that we look alike back then and the feeling at that time.

And I agree, it just nothing NEW to see . It just same memories that you had and then we realizes how much time just flies away without we notice.

Sec by sec, min by min, hour by hour,day by day, week by week, month by month, and lastly year by year just went off without we notice.

The past was happened and now here what we are. time just flew by and we sad to ourself that, what have we done to our self. Besides, we think that is too late for us to do anything what we want.

I'm always remember how spiritual I am during studies in university back then.
I just focus on studying-studying-studying.
But now, as time goes by, people do really change.
I admit. Even myself now really change.
I do change my mind easily.I notice that I have weak heart and mind to control myself.
OOOoooooOo.. Allah..
Show me the right path in this life and do Close to me anywhere, anytime and any condition.



panda said…
me too.. cant control my self.. in fact, dont even understand myself..

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