Allah gives me warning . Alhamdulillah

Salam sejahtera.

selfish. ignorant. arrogant. delay. careless.extravagant.

Negative word.
Bad habit.
Not good feeling.
Syaitan like.

i had feel those feeling nowadays.
I know. It is wrong. But you will not noticed until there are an effect after you had those feelings.

I've got warning from Allah.
Because nowadays I am too comfortable with what I have.
I start spend money eventhough that is not what I need. That just what I want.That was nafs playing part.
The result was I'm not satisfied with what I had buy.

I'm going to shopping mall to finish the voucher book.
And the end. the date was closed.
this time I found that, I delayed the time when I should buy at the first place.
Again. I feel not comfortable.

I had buy latte drink on the same day.
and eat alone in the food court.
The drink that I had only take a few sip, I forgot to bring together with me and just left behind on the table.
When I was realized, I was already at parking lot.
Again. I'm wondering, why is it happening in a row?
Yes, here I am being selfish. why? let just be  me and Allah knows about that.

Allah gives me a warm warning.

I'm thinking that Allah shows His Power, when the things is not for you, it is meant not belong to you.
He can make you forgot only for a blink of an eye, and make you remember again, with a blink of an eyes also.
Yes. AllahuAkbar!

I've done a sin these days.
Ya Allah, please forgive your slave and clean my heart to be clean and clear from whisper of syaitan.
Please guide me Ya Allah.



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