How I ended up taking Halal course

First of all,

During my primary school, 

I have fill the report card and explains about ambition which i have selected back then was a doctor, teacher and blablabal (don't remember).

During my secondary school,
I got an offer from SMKA school which basically have to stay at hostel if your home was far than your school. At that time, the only reason that I accept the offer was (of course because my parent had ask me to) and I thought I will get many food during my school for stock everyday, you know...Really funny how a child just think about that, lay child think at that time was really unmatured..haha
Next, I thought being a doctor is my last choice, however, as your wanted it most, the road is not for you. Allah knows best for his slave.huhu..

Than, just take a step to a matrices phase, 1 year, struggle like a crazy an start to socialize like crazy too.hoha.but still not enough for me to get through the requirement for doctor level.

Then, start to look thoroughly to the list of courses only in one university(my mother make a choice for my study field due to the fees which was the cheapest university among the others )-basically my mother make her choice by her own but with the agreement with me. the field hat i remember which course that I selected was,1. fisioteraphy,2.nurses, blablabalbala science and technology7. civil engineering.
Yes. Food Science and technology, that was my course in UiTM Shah Alam. Never thought in my mind that this course actually exist in the world and I will involve in this field.heha..
4 years of bachelor, meanwhile the others only spent about three years. 
I am trying to adapt and start to realize that this is an important subject and make me excites once in a while.
The best thing was I had been offered a chance to experience as an exchange student in last year for industrial training. 
First time ever, me myself experiences independently at other country.
Will never forget entire life.hoha.
Meanwhile, the others have experience in the industry field and facing the industry world, I still in the fied of academician field, meaning that working on final year report again.

As my sister had inspired me because she had taken her master level before me, she also trying to insist me to further study also.  That's was the time when I start to feel like taking the same step as her.

However, after I had my convocation, I dont really have money to pay up the fees of the university, so I had to deferred my study for 1 semester and start to work for pay my master 's fee.
Struggling in the 1st ever work in the factory of food, make me realize the real industry world.very tough.
Should have high patience and work constantly. but new experience of course.

holaa, make my intention stronger to further study in master level.
you will know the difference when you work with the lower position and the higher position when you work literally.

How I ended up taking Halal course?

As Halal term itself is the most important in our daily life, I feel the responsibility as a Muslim to fulfill the requirement of Muslim to help society about the halal matters, whether in terms of science or understanding. As my field background also related with food, it kinds of related in some ways. Nowadays, people are having a lot of Halal issue regarding the ingredient was non halal and, there are some people not responsible with their ettique about Muslim society and replace the ingredient to non halal food such as pork for  the sake of saving cost and etc.

When we talk about halal, we will think about food. When we talk about food,  people will eat and they will become one part of our body. As a Muslim, what will happen, when you are eating the non halal food , not a thayyib(good) food without concern about halal matters, it will indirectly give effect to our body, to our behaviour and health. It really matters when people start to ignore what was actually in the ingredient that they eat. However, lately, people start to realize and concern about halal matters when information about halal was spread out. I was relief and will continue my journey to finish my research in this field.

My field is to find the alternative of the non halal food(pork) to be replaced with the halal source such as plant source. Hope it can be something useful in the future.

Ok, that was long.
Sorry. Have a good night then.

was done and inspired by Aiman Azlan-famous vloger


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