14 blessings more

1. Today, I can use my father's car go to my workplace.
2. I have parents who are still alive and stay with me
3. I have brothers and still contact until now
4. I have a good health
5. I have realized that Allah hates Munafiq, its like u tell something u want to do it, but you not doing it.
6. I want to make things right
7. I try to stay positive
8. I can do what I want do.
9. Allah gives me reminder today
10. Allah always gives me strength especially on Tuesday.
11. Allah wants me to remind Him always
12. Allah sent me a helper today because I have wash my dishes completely today
13. Allah give me spent my time with my mother alone
14. I am still alive today
15.Allah,please give me courage to handle this life for this weeks and for the future.



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