Master complete Phd on the way


Dengan nama Allah Yang Maha Pengasih lagi Penyayang,

Its been a while i am writing in this blog.

Forgot the existence nowadays.

But suddenly my friend remind me about it.

Here i am. Writing.

Really.Its been a while. and now I am 28 years old.

Dont really feel that though.

Now. I am my 3rd semester of phd journey.


I have completed my master formally last 2 years back on 2014.

Sharp on 31/12/2016 i've complete my correction and send it to graduate studies and successfully 

grad on October 2015.

However, there was a problem cause there is  a rule that if u want your transcript, u need to publish 1 paper at least.

I've been struggling doing it from my 2year of my master, and a lot of feedback and reject has been received.

And after submit it after 7th correction, and 7 month correction, got my answer where it was accepted for publication.

That's when the time I feel is the finalize step of my Master journey. I'm crying at toilet alone.seriously. That was the time, all your hardship pass-by like a picture one by one..

My samples

My workplace
(at this time, where I come early when people not come yet, and i go back my home so late when people already left, cause i'm doing my lab non stop)

First draft of my paper

At library, struggling for drafting a paper.

At this time, still fresh in my mind, 
where a thief come and take my wallet where i forgot and left it in my bag at storage room and i lost my money around Rm300
(which considered a lot )

But, everytime I'm struggling with hardship, I know Allah is very close to me, and always give me sign that Allah know what I've been through..

Data data data data

My thesis

After viva, 


There u go.

The pictures. Each one of it, I still remember it clearly.

I found it master degree is the truly exposure of the how to face the real world that make u frustrated, stressed, meet new people, communication, make your own decision, make it through, eventhough u are not ready, just keep going, until u finished, when the end come, u will appreciate in a life time.

And yeah.comfort zone. out of that area.

And now, I'm facing the similar and much more challenging as u are own your own.


And I'm still studying here and there.

Am still learning new thing.

am still learning, basic thing.

am still struggling as usual.

Pray for me.


Long way to go.






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