Nowadays, I'm in the state of confusion-blur-hard to decide what to do-how to start- and so so

This picture represent what is my feeling right now.

Its so soo sooo soooo sooooo complicated..

How I want to start again?

I just want to focus on one thing, at one time, so that i'll capable to many things in one time.

That's star.

How I want to achive?

How can I start again from the beginning when my mind is already in the previous picture state?


OooOOOOoooo Allah...give me courage in this challenging path in this world.
It's just so easy for me become distracted for little things.
Please guide me to your truth path..Please.. Amin..



Yeah..da jumpe blog die..He he..confuse ape?
far_na33 said…
Eh da jumpe da? slmt dtg!haha..bukan update salu pong..neh confuse camne nk wt labwork neh..bulan jun kot..

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