Thursday, August 22, 2019


This man was clearly searching through one by one 's bag to steal anything valuable from the bags.

I still remember clearly the scene on this particular day during my Master thesis writing phase.

Usually, I will go to the library at the faculty every day to write my thesis,

On a particular day (Day 10), I did the usual thing, open my laptop, and start writing the whole day,

Usually, only 1 or 2 people will be at the around my space, and nobody bothers asking about anything.

However, on that day, about 5 or 6 people asking me questions which I realize its kind of awkward and unusual, like Allah send me a sign to go out because I could not be focused at all.

Of course, you did not realize the real thing at the time.

But when I finished everything, then I found my bag was not in their place.

I panicked like crazy. I start asking people around and block all my cards.

The first thing that I panicked was not about the money, but the notebook contains all my notes or findings of research that I work at that time.

It was like dreaming and flashback where all my efforts were wasted all at once.

I could not breathe properly and panicked while searching through all the nearby areas.

And lastly found out that the bag was at the outside of the library.

and of course, the money was a loss.

But I glad my notebook was still there intact.

I am grateful.

Does anyone have the same experience?

For researchers particularly, is this feels normal? #curiousoverload

#Throwback - Omma on TV!

I am proud of you!

Can you guess which one is my mother?

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Challenge reciting Surah Al-Waqiah & Surah Al - Mulk

This challenge occurs when my friend suggest me to do it,

She said that she feels the 'rezeki datang tanpa diduga' occurs as time goes by.

She has started recited it every single day since last year,

Knowing her last year, I realize, after one by one reward she receives in the short amount of time,

Even though other peoples did not realize it,  she felt it directly.

My heart was deeply in touch in an unexpected way without I realize it.

Even, I know about the advantage of the surah, my mom always ask their children to recite it every single day, but most of us just ignore it..or maybe only me

As the benefit that you get for reciting all the surah mention  can refer to this link:

Yes, I know, I take the information for granted. There are people out there who did not know about the benefits recited these surahs..But when you know about it. You just don't bother to recite it as your life is just fine enough now to ask more from Allah.

How arrogant are you?

You live in this Dunya with the permission of Allah.

When Allah gives something that is better for you, you just ignore it.

Pity you.
Poor you.
Arrogant you.

Now when I had recited it without stopping for 5 days,

I am truly touched and felt the 'rezeki tanpa diduga' as my friend's mention.


While I am having difficulty to pay the fees of my studies, I totally forgot about my saving either or not I still have left money in the TH. - Then, I check the account, the amount is just enough for my fees. Allahu Akbar.

After I settle down the fees, there were several things that I need to do- without me realize, I settle down it within 1 day- Alhmdulillah, Allah Akbar.

While my family struggling with a limited amount of money, within these 5 days, someone asks about the house for rent, after a month the rent house was left empty. Allahu Akbar.

These things may seem small to others, but to me, all the process and flow during my phd especially, makes every little thing is important.


May Allah eases our day ahead.

Surah Al- Mulk :
Surah Al-Waqiah :

Next target challenge: No sleep after subuh + Dhuha prayer. Bismillah.

Hamba yang lemah,


If you feel DOUBT, follow this

W.R.I.T.I.N.G. stage 1

These are one of the many motivational quotes that keep me going to write my first draft thesis.

Some of it makes me realize

Saying that said like finish this thing now. You have other things that you need to focus on too.


First draft........

Let's wait for the correction version.....

Thursday, October 13, 2016



Hai diri sendiri.

Apa yang ta kene?

Buat paper aka kertas?

Or paper aka artikel?

Apa masalah ko?

Bilamana otak dan minda bekerjasama xnak buat kerja yang sepatutnye kene buat.

Berikut adalah soal jawab hati dan otak bersoal jawab tanpa batasan.

Hati :Xde mouse nak buat kerja?
Otak : Alasan>takkan laptop xde tab yang bleh gune

xde laptop besa?
*alasan> dlu ko xde laptop langsung>ko boleh wat kije kat cc>skrg da ade kan?

xde meje beso?
*alasan>meje makan ade kan.

xde lampu putih?
*alasan>ade kat bilik kan?

xde makanan?
*menipu>ko da makan an td

xde air?
*alasan>pegi dapo minom la

xde ilmu?

Internet xde?

Xde org bleh guide?
Tanyalah orang pakar / sv

Sebab ape?takut salah?kalau salah jadi apa-apa k?

Ada fikir nak buat tapi xde action
Ape lagi BUAT LAH


Wahai hati dan minda, silalah bekerjasama untuk melakukan apa yang perlu dibuat.

Rohani pon berkata : Banyak dosa ko buat ni kot, ilmu x bleh masuk kat tempat yang penuh dengan dosa, BERTAUBATLAH,
agar dipermudahkan hati dan dilapangkan minda untuk melakukan sesuatu pekerjaan di dunia.

*hati dan minda = SENTAP

Ayuhlah bertaubat.


12.27am suda.



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