Salam Sejahtera.

Smart phone make you addicted.
Smartphone makes you closed to other people.
Smartphone is free to connect with other when you can online.
Smartphone make you not focus.
You can focus without smartphone.
You can get what you want without smartphone.
However, smartphone will make your 'live' communication become bad.
You will be closed with far people, but you will become far from people that surrounds you.
You will ignore people opposite you, besides you.
You are playing without exercise.
You are expose to radiation more often than usual.
Your mind become so closed, can't really seen what happen to the outside world.
You will become jealous with instagram.
You will feel down, when people not really online or can't reply your message.
Then, finally you realize,
what do I do in my life?
try to compare your day without smartphone back then and now, when you have one.
Is it bad ? or not bad?
is it worth buy or not?

For me,
I need to be disciple in order to control the behaviour for looking and try to hold yourself without being too sociable.

Forgive me Ya Allah



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