25 Blessings that I am grateful for

I am glad that..

1. I am alive
2. I am a Muslimah
3. My religion is Islam
4. I have a huge family, grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, brother, sister, younger sister, and younger brother, friends, teachers, nice neighbours, and nice place to stay.
5. I am studying Master in Science, Halal Product Development at Halal Product Research Institute, UPM.
6. I am staying at my home near the place I'm studying.
7. I have a tutor that can guide throughout my research for my master.
8. I have a supervisor which have a quite number of grants.So, there's no problem for me in terms of the money.
9. I'm glad before I'm studying, I have experience 3 month working at bumiputera's company and make me realize that each drop of the sweat worth every penny that you got.
10.I have a transport, eventhough it is not mine.
11. I have scholarship.
12. I have friends that can share happiness, sad or stories.
13. I have finish my schools not really successful, but still good.
14. I have money in my wallet right now.
15. I still dont have any responsibilities besides my parent(still single dehh, woha)
16. I have a laptop, a handphone, wireless connection at home.
17. I can speak, I can hear, I can see, I can pray, I can breath, I can feel, I can touch, I can read due to the physical appearance that Allah have create me.
18. I had experience done internship (exchange student) at Bogor, Indonesia.
19. I had join Tarikat for stronger my worship to Allah
20. I have my license car
21. I try to fulfill my parents when I capable.
22. I live at Malaysia without war.
23. I still have my memory
24. I can eat peaceful
25. I am proud being only "ME"

-just as the feedback from famous vlogger -Aiman Azlan-


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