Walk away


Dear all, especially to myself, how are you?

Lately, I realize that

When I start to search the thing that i want so badly,

at the end, I give up, and I still could not finish or search what I want badly,

and lastly, I just walk away.

This situation makes me think,

Me, myself, are easily give up, I'll try very hard and  at the end, i dont get what i want and I just walk away,

how. to. change this attitude?

It was really hard to keep going when you fail many times because you realize that the times keeps ticking and going away.

you feel that you are wasting your time, and thinking at the end you will fail again, instead of fail, you willingly walk away when thinking about how times really flies...

and yet, your problem still not solved.

Makes me really demotivated everytime i'm thinking about this.

Ya Allah,

We just plan, only you can approve it or not,
We just can make an effort, but last thing, you need to give everything to Allah as long as you are really depends your decision after try really hard to ALLAH.

Maybe, when I try really hard I forgot to include Allah too,

Allah,Allah, Allah...



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