Everything happened for a reason


just want to let it out to the world,

whether have you ever experienced, at once, when you have realized, you are wasting too much time, than you want to change and do good for the future, However, at the same time, there will be one thing always on your way when you try to change for something good. You try to focus on one thing. You trying to do one thing at a time.
But, at that precious time, there will be always something to shaken your determination, your focus, your new ambitions, just at that time.

Why is that happening ya Allah?

When times goes by,

Allah really did permit something happens for a reason,

As for today,I would like to share about what happen to my day,

As I woke up today,

its already 7 and I feel very sleepy , however, I try very hard to be ready for the 1st day of the week,

I'm going to library and start my day by searching for previous thesis,

around 8.45am, I reach at the library,

however, when I start to focus and be very determined,

I got massage from my father around 9.58am, he said,

"Can you come back? I have meeting at KL around 10.30, I need to use the car (refer to my car that I drive)"

at that time, I sigh very hard because, I try to start my new day with the new things,

But things not really goes through your plan, because He knows the best for you.

I start to think and ponder, why it should be like this?

when I start to focus on my work, there will be one thing start to block me or disturb my way.

With the heavy heart, I'm going home.

When at home, My spirituality start to become low, I dont know why it should be like that,

I just spent my time at home, while waiting for my father and younger brother coming home.

My father back at home around 3.00pm,which I think it already late, as I assumed he will be back around 1.00 like that,

I feel very useless, when I'm not doing anything at home,and then come at that time, my younger brother call me to pick him up at shopping complex in Mines, Sri Kembangan..

Then, I bring my everything which included notebook, hand phone and wallet.

When I searching the wallet , usually i always put it in my back pack, so that when I want to buy lunch, i will search at tthe same place, however, at that time, it did not really there,and I search again through the room, finally i gott it at my hand bag, which I put it yesterday for attending my friends wedding.

Now, I realize whole story from the beginning, when my father ask me to be back at home, and stay at home, so that i can eat easily, when comparing if he did not ask me to come back home, i will be starving at the library because I dont have any money in mpocket as my wallet already left in the room.

Now, i realize,

Allah has give me some guidance and test my patience about how i will react through this incident and how determined I am to really get your work done, Yes Allah, I know, I failed this mission.
However, tomorrow, i will start again, and think positively, anything that happen to me.

May Allah guide me and bless my life and yours too.



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