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Salam Sejahtera,
Have you been hurt lately?
I am.
What? Why? How?
Generally, its about something you must do, and yet you do not know how to do it, and you are doing by yourselves without discuss with others who are knowledgeable than you.
Like research itself,  you are doing research,  you must ask people who have experience in that field, if you dont, you will be lost,  and you don't have any idea what you are doing, and you dont know whether it is right or wrong, At the final,  you will be complained,  you will be ask,  you will be questione with a lot of question, and yet, you cannot answer it. It will make you pride hurt, your heart hurt, your worries haunted you everytime you thinking about it, Then, you will start to realize, why I dont ask others at the first place? And yet, its too late to realize.
Similar situation when it comes to the order that has been given by Allah, in life,  we have already guided by Allah through Al-Quran, to do what we need to do, and to avoid w…


Draft. What is the first thing come to your mind? when we talk about draft?
I think about correction. Yes. i know.A LOT of correction. especially the first draft. At least, it shows that your supervisor read your thesis very thoroughly. Then, I realize, what the heck am I writing? Me to dont understand at all. Sorry Prof. make it hard for you. Make your self prepared anything in any what that u do right now. People dont know what are you doing. Only u know better. No one knows. But u know. So, be confident. Be strong. Be prepared.
You know better than anyone else. Good Luck.
Bismillah. Wassalam 0107am, 4022014