What do you think about research at the first place?

I think about...

Research proposal
Table of Result

What happen when you are doing your research?

Now, I'm think...

1 day at lab without eating- eating alone,start to feel lonely, as you are doing your research alone
not talking to anyone in 1 whole day, because no body at lab that you can talk to
progress meeting- want many2 result without think the reason behind result
presentation- slide show was done by 1 day before presentation day
result-standaard error high-not what we expected it to be-so many2-but not logic
REPEAT-again and again
not enough sample-doubt, whether sample enough or not
contamination-not realize,not read enough and start notice sample already grow mold
discussion- want to discuss but really hard to discuss
Literature review-need to read2 more
JOURNAL- already bulk in the computer, but not sure whether already read each of the one or not.

After doing research...

-will be continue later...


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