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Things I am grateful and things I wish to dissapear

.I have a house that I can stay
 My workplace is near with my house eventhough it takes 20 min to arrive there
 Start myday with the time that I want
I have my parent besides me
I am staying at home
 I have siblings
I have friends
I am normal
I am healthy
I have eyes
I can hear
I still breathing
I have nice and good friends
I have feelings
I have grandfather and grand mother (both sides)
I have money (eventhough it is not much)
I still can live
I Have happy family

Things I wish to dissapear:
My debts
My parent debt
High costing goods
High costing oil
My feelings to the other man
My feeling towards handsome man
My jelez feeling towards the others who have partners
my addiction to network
My worry to the future
My worry with change
My doubt towards my ability
My doubt towards the others
My doubt towards the future
My addiction towards insta, facebook, network
My imagination without an action
My hopeless feel without trying
My fear without trying
My hope from the human
My hurt feeling wi…